The New Haven Train Station Has Two Dunkin’ Donuts

Union Station, New Haven Connecticut

Every time I think about the train station in New Haven, I remember the two Dunkin’ Donuts and laugh. We typically visit New York City from the Boston area a few times a year, and the best travel plan for us is to drive to New Haven and take the commuter train into the City. The whole trip takes about four hours, we don’t have to drive in Manhattan, and the commuter line is cheaper and runs more often than Amtrak. As a result, we have spent a lot of time over the years rushing through the station to buy tickets, get coffee, and make the train. We are always perilously on the edge of missing the express, and the line for DD is very long.

And then, the kids discovered that there is a tiny, secret, Dunkin Donuts at the bottom of the stairs that never has a line. I wouldn’t even risk mentioning it on this blog, but no one can travel right now so I think our secret is safe. I just hope the DD is still there when we can go back to NYC.

In our family, we love to travel. Over the past decade we have been to NYC a lot, and both kids lived in DC for a total of eight years so we went there A LOT too. When we visit familiar places, we instantly set up routines. When we are in DC we run or walk to the Lincoln Memorial, without fail. We typically stay in the same section of any city, find a local pub and market, and settle in. Even in new places, we value the familiar.

We prioritize family summer vacations, and trips to Europe in lieu of Christmas or graduation gifts. We spend hours enjoying the planning, and years savoring the memories. Even before the pandemic paused our travel schedule, we would spend hours over family dinners reminiscing and repeating – to the chagrin of those who were not along for that trip – all of the inside jokes until we cry laughing. Just mention the secret Dunkin Donuts to my kids and you will see this in action.

New York, NY 2017

But my point about the special Dunkin’s is not just that it earned a mention in my older daughter’s 2014 Christmas Poem (although it did, and I have generously included an excerpt below), or that it continues to provide joy and laughter in our armchair vacationing (although it does). It strikes me that the second DD stands for the idea that the obvious way to achieve a goal – like standing in a long line but risking missing your train – may not be the only way forward.

I don’t know about you, but practically the only thing on my “20 for 20” list that was achievable during a pandemic was “Read War & Peace” and I didn’t even manage to do that. So many of our dream projects at work are on hold due to finances, the pandemic, or the social climate. With that second Dunkin’s in mind, I am searching for new ways to achieve some of my goals.

I downloaded Kindle to my phone, where it is surprisingly easy to start making progress on great Russian literature. Instead of skipping exercise because I am in a nine month running funk, I plan walks that are twice the running distance for approximately the same result. I don’t want to do my 30 minute strength training on dark winter mornings, but I can do half. At work I am scanning the strengths of the staff we already have, hoping to find a way to make incremental progress on issues like climate change or public art installation with no new headcount in our future. If you can think of a way for me to get the children’s book on local government out of my head and onto paper, I would be eternally grateful.

Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC 2017

Here is your excerpt from the 2014 Poem. You’re welcome.

“There were good times to be had at the New Haven Train Station
An excellent place to start a quick two-day vacation.
Though saddened the Dunkin’s line was out the door,
We discovered a secret one on the bottom floor!”

How about you? Have you found an unusual way to meet a goal? Are you starving for travel? Would you miss the express train for an ice coffee?

Let’s Practice – travel guide and turkey leg in hand. Happy Thanksgiving!

2 thoughts on “The New Haven Train Station Has Two Dunkin’ Donuts

  1. Any recent trips to NYC have been with Barbara to see our son Jordan who is living on the edge of Park Slope in Brooklyn. Trying to manage the logistics of train travel would be more difficult although I understand the attraction. The last couple of solo trips were for a college reunion back in ’16 which included a walk along the High Line, a late supper at Tavern on Jane where the staff thought we were regulars, and croissants at the Hungarian Pastry shop (I go to the reunion and then don’t go to the reunion ) and for a Christmas trip on the Sunday before Christmas in 2013 where I tried to jam as much in without trying to do too much: parking in Morningside Heights, a trip to a famous cookie emporium, taking the bus cross-town to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to visit the creche and a few paintings, Union Square and the Strand Bookstore, the World Trade Center memorial, and the tree at Rockefeller Center, which I could not get close to as it seemed as half of Manhattan had decided to go visit on that balmy evening (it was 66 degrees at 6pm), and a return to Morningside Heights to walk along College Walk and see the trees lit up. It makes for a long day, what with allocating four hours each way (you never know with NYC traffic or I-95). It won’t happen this year, but some year again.

    As for travel, leaving Halifax or Providence/Pawtucket/Attleboro/Seekonk for any reason is travel these days. I visited West Bridgewater, just two towns over, a few days ago for the first time since March.

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